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Long term investment in CryptoCurrency





This information is in regards of Bitcoin and Ripple - XRP

Disclaimer: This is NOT Financial Advice!

If you decide to continue, do so at your own risk with your own money.





Is the Main Coin (BTC) is the base of current cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is currently in Stock Market Terms (always capricious) back on the rise.


So how about this market?


Disclaimer: This is NOT Financial Advice!




Are all other cryptocurrencies. These coins are depended on the Rise and Fall of Bitcoins BTC.

You can buy and/or sell Alt-Coins, just as you can buy Bitcoins BTC.

Disclaimer: This is NOT Financial Advice!








The amount of money you decide to put in, is entirely up to yourself. My advice? Only invest what you can miss. Do not go along with the hype, because if you do, you are getting your information from main stream channels, and are bound to loose part of your investment, get disappointed and angry and decide to sell all and disappointed when it grows again.

Get on Discord, this is an app you can download for Mobile and Desktop and join the cryptocurrency channels. Also subscribe to forums and get acquainted with the information you seek. Every coin is unique, and could have its own benefits, but I’m advising to go XRP, at least till 19 august, when the The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will decide to use Ripple – XRP as the base Cryptocurrency Coin.


As the headline says, you would want to go in for the long term. It will pay out someday. You just need to be patient and do not panic everytime a 20% drop is coming. Because that what the market does.


This is what the Wall street Market does, and it's good for investments. Straight peeks cause high downfalls along the way. It's best for the market to keep swinging upon uprise.


Wall St Cheat Sheet


Preparing your investment


There are a couple of things you need to get straight, before you do any investment. Is it to hard? Ask a friend to help you, in return, return the favor of sending a small amount of digital assets to this guy. He/She will appreciate it, especially if he/she is unaware of this article.





Mac / Linux: Please translate the page:





  • A phone no older than 3 Years (for regular security updates, even dough they don’t state it in their update remarks
  • An antivirus Program
  • 2FA on your Google / Apple Account
  • Uninstall all unnecessary apps and those you don’t use often.
    • The lesser the apps, the more secure
  • Setup Face Recognition / Pin / Swipe Protection


Computer & Mobile


Optional: but more secure

  • Use a Hardware Security Key for Desktop and Mobile for your 2FA Accounts (2x 59 euro).

In Dutch (please translate the page).



Router of your home network:

  • Close all open ports, immediately! There’s no need for that, and you’re putting yourself in harm’s way. Use TeamViewer or so. An open port to which no service is listening, is a free ticket to your network.



Investment dependency


Cloud gets better protected by the day, unless the whole organization is hacked.

To prevent this and get you back in control: with an investment or value of your assets (as time grows) of 500 – 1000 euro, invest in a Nano Ledger X. This device is a Hardware Key, which let you setup your Private Key (on which you can withdraw all the investments placed in there to another account). The private key is a 24 word code, which you need to write down on a provided 3 version paper note to write those 24 words on. This device will costs you about 59 – 129 Euros.

DO NOT store the 24 words on your computer, EVER! Do Not! Please.

Safe the ledger somewhere really safe in a Banks Box (which you rent) or somewhere in the house.

The 24 words paper(s) you need to take care of in extreme way’s. You need to memorize where, but do so that no-one knows, except your husband/wife, where to find it.



Please keep you investments to yourself. As the future comes, and you start to make money, no one needs to know what you've earned.

In case a burgler enters your house, because you've been publishing your investments online, or start notifying people publicly, make sure none of your phone numbers or addresses to where your live are online.

Remove this information from your profile, and become invisible. If you do get attacked, be prepared to stand down, and give away your ledger. Rich people are bound to get these kind of troubles. Make sure you choose your familiy and kids above some stupid cryptocurrency.

Here's a tip for removing your online identity:

Please translate the page:



Setting up a Ledger Nano X hardware key.

Buy from the official store – Nowhere else, or it might be firmware altered sending your private key to someone else!



How to buy cryptocurreny


Disclaimer: This is NOT Financial Advice!

For EU Citizens I’d recommend  since there is not limit on what you can buy, or send back to your bank account. You do not need clearance as all the other services require.

It does however require a credit card.

Do not have one? Go to /, but do transfer to bitstamp.

  • What you always’s do when setting up 2FA, safe a screenshot of the QR code and safe it somewhere safe, e.g. NAS (Network Attache Storage), Google Drive Document or so, but keep it away from you password manager or a second account with lastpass on a different e-mailadres).



Basically what you do is:

  • Setup an account at
    • Personal details
      • 2FA QR Code to Scan (Save a screenshot and keep it safe!)
      • Do not do this, if you haven’t setup 2FA on your account.
        • No can do? Setup a new account and enable 2FA.
          • Let Lastpass assist you with this
          • Be careful not to overwrite passwords when mailbox decryption is applied, when you login. Lastpass will ask to overwrite your password.
        • Get clearance by means of your Passport / ID (Photo Front and Back)
        • Fill in the details of your Passport / ID
        • Prove of evidence of your residence: Invoice / Tax / Water / Electricity company
      • Attach your Bank Account with an SWIFT & IBAN of your personal Bank Account
      • Set the white-list in your setting, to that of your address of your Ledger Nano X

 Addtionally you can get the Android App, but there is no functionality for Sending Money to your Bank Account, just sell only. To transfer to your Bank, you need to use the Desktop Browser.


If you’re sure of what to do next:  you could buy some Bitcoins / Ripple – XRP and send them to your Ledger Nano X and store the Ledger in your Banks Safe Deposit Box (not on your computers passwordmanager, by all means, DO NOT)


Important for buying / selling / trading:

On the platform binance, you can only buy Alt-Coins with Bitcoin (BTC). There's a broad spectrum on Alt-Coins for you to buy. When you sell an Alt-Coin, it converts it back to Bitcoin (BTC).

On the platform bitstamp, you can buy Bitcoin and several other coins, such as Ripple - XRP and a whole lot less Alt-Coins, such as Ethereum, LiteCoin etc. Just a few. When you sell Bitcoins or Alt-Coins from bitstamp, they convert to Dollars. In which you can transfer to your bank account, as explained to setup.


Transferring coins from one wallet to another (online / offline such as the ledger).

Alway's, but alway's, only transfer from one account, let's say, coinbase > binance | binance > bitstamp | bitstamp > coinsbase | all platforms to your offline ledger nano | ledger nano to online wallets

The same coin TO the same coin.

If you do not comply, your coins will be lost in a Dark Emtpy Hole and they're gone, thus your money is gone.

As for Ripple - XRP - There is a Address + Tag.

When you do not fill in the Tag to transfer your coins, those will be lost.

When you transfer from your Ledger Nano X/S, the ledger hold just one address, without a tag. It's safe to send to that address.

When starting your first transfer, alway's start with a minimum required, for testing the transfer. If all goes wel, you can start transferring larger amounts.

And alway's check the address, as thourough as you can. Read the whole address, and nothing but the whole address, and confirm you've got it right.


Example from youtube whereas bitstamp is in example Binance (another trading platform)



Ready for some Bitcoin / Altcoin suggestions? (this is not advice)


Disclaimer: This is NOT Financial Advice!

Long term investment in CryptoCurrency

You cannot keep up with a market that is volatile, so you need to go in for the long run. As markets will drop, significantly, they will alway's make a comeback sooner or later. On wednesday 26 june 2019, there was a 20% dropdown. You cannot beat that, so go for the long run. Markets will grow, but they're not alway's steady.


Keep your funds secure, and go for the long run. When you decide it's enough for you, go ahead and sell. Do you trust the market and are in for the long run, keep it that way. You need to have a exit plan (one of the YouTube video's at the end of this article).


bitcoin volatile


As Bitcoin probably continues to grow as mentioned in the first heading of the Bitcoin YouTube video, there will be most likely a market for XRP on short term notice.

Currently the decision will be made on August 19 2019 and that that will greatly determine the growth of XRP. Basically the SER will decide it Ripple / XRP will be the trading currency for global markets. This includes, all countries, banks, financial institutions, and all currency related platforms. Everyone speaks of setting up agreements with Ripple – XRP and they’ve been transparent, kept their end of the deal for all requirements as required by the SER.

So in other words, XRP could be, and will be defined on August 19 2019 as the default for Financial trades and in effect will rise above all expectations.

Disclaimer: This is NOT Financial Advice!


As Ripple - XRP grows, it shows a steady line all over. Uprise - Downfall - But steady in growth. As said before, the market is slowingly uprising within steady expectations.


ripple steady growth




Want some feeds on Bitcoin / Ripple – XRP  ?

Date: 06/29/2019 – If the current date is past 19 August 2019, this article will most likely not apply anymore.


Look at the Bitcoins & Alt-Coins markets on this site:

There's also an app for Android (at least) on which you can track the balances en history of what coins are doing now and what they've done in the past.

Within the app there's a news item section, which will provide  you information on a whole lot of Bitcoin / Altcoin articles. It's a good feed, but do not panic. #DYOR (Do Your Own Research) and stick for the long term.


Also another great app is: Delta

And you can get it for Desktop and have your mobile and Desktop in sync.

Additionally, when you've transfered your money to your Ledger Nano X device, you need to sync by manually entering details in a provided CSV file (allot can go wrong here) and upload it to your Desktop Delta App. Max of 2 devices.



Follow these guys / company’s. They’re fantastic!



Please DYOR (Do Your Own Research).



Coinbase And Visa Are Making Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple's XRP And Litecoin Payments A Reality



SEC Commissioner Says Time Is Right for Bitcoin ETFs — 3 Funds Pending



Whereas at the G20 Summit – Trump has spoken of Digitalizing the Financial World whereas in the documents, only Ripple – XRP is mentioned. Again note: 19 august 2019 is the decision    




Ripple XRP | Successes With The SEC | Visa & Mastercard Need XRP



XRP Hypothetical Exit Plan $5, $15, $25, $100, $500 And Ripple


Where I've made you a Google Sheet Document for you to see the calculations on the Hypothetical Exit Plan.

You can either sell by: 1 Euro, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000, etc. And a certain amount of XRP, not everything, or do you. Calculate it yourself, what you want.




$100,000 Bitcoin Is Coming. Here's Why.



Bitcoin Growth Nothing Compared To XRP And Altcoins Potential And Ripple



XRP News: G20 Digital Economy Panel! Pt1



XRP News: G20 Digital Economy Panel Pt2



Ripple/XRP Ripple R3 Microsoft Developments & FAFT Progress






David Schwartz, CTO of Ripple



Discussions and attacks on coins via media


You have to watch out, who you believe on the internet. There are people that are either misinformed, against a certain coin or want to distract you from investing to the best coin of that moment.


The next video, shows, whereas they've got 109.011 subscribers is misinformed.

altcoin subscribers


Countervideo by The Bearable Bull after this misinformed video by Altcoin Daily.


"Why XRP Will Make You Rich! But Ultimately Fail! WARNING: JUST OPINION!"


And in the comment section of AltCoin Daily

altcoin comments1


altcoin comments2


The Response from The Bearable Bull:

Ripple/XRP WILL SUCCEED Response To Altcoin Daily "Why XRP Will Make You Rich But Ultimately Fail"