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Cryptocurrency - DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH - What's to know

Cryptocurrency - HERE IS IT - Do Your Own Research but act Fast

*I am not a financial adviser & this is not financial advice*

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In my previous article:

I've told you some stuff allready. But let's have an overview of what to know, before investing in cryptocurrency.

That's why: #DYOR (Do Your Own Research)

Cryptocurrency will be the future of payments. Remember that, and seek the channels (later here in this article) to do your own research. Upfront? Ripple's organisation has put up the most far enhanced cryptocurrency technology so far in regards to all other coins. The coin for you should be #XRP


For EU Residents:


Bitcoin Space Reacts to Bakkt’s September Launch Date Reveal

The long-awaited Bakkt platform has finally been given an official launch date. The regulated Bitcoin futures platform will go live on September 23, 2019. This means that Bitcoin is going to hit the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange).


They're Trying To Delay A $10 Ripple/XRP & The Global Financial Crisis Through Corruption & QE

What the content of this video shows, the hearing of the SEC on September 24th. The SEC is a Securities and Exchange Commision protecting investors, and allowing only justified means.

More info:




Let's go back.

The US Government started to look at Cryptocurrency, in particular Ripple, the technology behind XRP
as this video will tell you, CEO Brad Garlinghouse and CTO David Schwartz were visiting Jay Clayton who was nominated to chair the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on January 20, 2017, by President Donald Trump and sworn in on May 4, 2017.



RIPPLE | The OCC, SEC, FED, & Bank of the 21st Century


End of 2017
We saw the Bitcoin & Altcoins reaching incredible hights, for that moment, and collapsed, because it was all speculative.


August 2018

Ripple SEC And Treasury Meetings And Wall Street Likes MoneyGram... Will They Like XRP ?


Many come to conclude: What is it that you want from Cryptocurrency?

Is that Bitcoin, where Satoshi Nakamoto is a fictive person, on which you cannot verify their integrity and way of work or even what they're working on? The Bitcoin was based on the technology of then, more then 10 years ago, so many stated, it cannot be developped any furhter. A transaction with Bitcoin takes at least 17 minutes. Your cup of coffee, you've ordered, is cold before you can drink it.


Would you rather see that there's someone to get his perspective from, the CEO, Brad Garlinghouse? or CTO David Schwartz? I'll get you their contact info in a minute.
Know about the speed XRP can have. An transaction within 4 seconds, world wide, cross border payments.


So what's to it?

In case you've forgot, traditional banks, could have transfers, up to 2 day's or even worse. You do not want to wait for that, but neither the banks themselfs. Moneygram (billion user customers) has agreed to let Ripple be a part of them, whereas, Wester Union whom served MoneyGram these days, pretty sure you've heard about them, is even saying, not to invest in cryptocurrency. Not a wise move, and for a company that's over 30 years old, they've forgot to go along with time and technology, in regards, to all other banks worldwide. But reading Western Unions attitude during a speech, some think she's got something up her sleeve.

But what is there to know?

Some current facts:


Ripple/XRP News: History Doesn't Always Repeat But It Often Rhymes...


- Over 200+ Banks are looking into Ripple's technology (including Dutch Banks, for my dutch viewers)
- Bank Of America Patent / XRP And Dutch Banks May Run On Ripple



- R3 , Ripple , XRP , Goldman Sachs , Morgan Stanley , JP Morgan

- SBI Group is using Ripple Technology

- SBI to Launch First Bank-Backed Digital Currency Exchange

- Largest Banks are using cryptocurrency technology (not all, yet, but will do so)

- CEO Brad Garlinghouse on CNN about CryptoCurrency

- 25 Million Americans Plan To Invest In Crypto And Ripple XRP

- MoneyGram Using Ripple 's xVia And History Shows Parabolic XRP Moves Require Long Bears

Ripple XRP: Yoshitaka Kitao Incentivizes Investors - “…XRP Will Further Increase In The Future”

Learn more about R3

Learn more about Xvia

Learn more about xRapid

Learn more about CryptoCurrency Terms


But be aware for this kind of stuff. It can happen, but just stay put and sit it out.

- Ripple XRP: Bitcoin Just Dropped $1,000 In Less Than 2 hrs. Market Manipulation Or Something Else?


A Gold-Backed XRP Could Reach $1500 At Any Moment & Ripple/XRP To Follow MoneyGram's Success

Ripple/XRP About To Flip The Switch On Price, Donald Trump & Japan Partnership..This Is SBI's Time

-Western Union
-JPM Chase
-Japanese Mobile App
-Trump & Japan partnership


Warren Buffett's New Investment Is Ripple's XRP & Its Now Partnered With BOTH VISA & MASTERCARD



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