AVG - GDPR and Privacy


The Dutch law AVG & the EU Law GDPR


What are your basic rights, and what is allowed by law to be requested, when someone has your personal data?

A few tips of your entitlements by law enforment.

To clarify: You have to ACTIVELY agree with something, to process your data. Automaticly, such as tracking cookies are not allowed without Active consent! Furthermore a company can only approach you when you were a client in the past, for let's say a newsletter. But at the time of sending the newsletter, you're obligated to have an unsubscribe button, and cannot send any mail anymore.

References: AVG & GPDR weblinks (need to translate that)


Civil rights are:

Browsers - PopUps, Anti Tracking and HTTPS Everywhere


I hereby provide you an overview of:

  • Browsers (incl. VPN browsing)
  • Popup blockers
  • Anti-tracking
  • HTTPS Everywhere
  • Privacy secure search engine (duckduckgo)




Account Privacy and Settings


The various online providers, such as:

  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • Apple

are very fond of what you're doing on your digital device. They profit of this and advertise based on your interest to provide you the things you want via targeted advertising.

With this I'm providing you an overview where you can find:

  • General Settings of your account / App.
  • Your activity which is registered online or via an App.
  • Your backups
  • And awareness, if you even want to save your data in the cloud.
    • And how to prevent this from happening
      • A minor issue in regards to previous remark, is that some functionality might be lost until you enable it again



Find my Phone

 find my phone

Find my Phone


Lost your phone? Please look at these provided links, but do so only with your own account! Don't hack nobody! 

Chat messaging Privacy


Privacy and history of apps


Taking in consideration you're compliant with the Online Etiquette it's not nescecarry to look at your privacy settings, but be aware they exist, so you can act upon if you feel the need to.

My advice is straightfoward, use Signal as your default Messaging App, even for SMS. In the contrary to Facebook, there are certain methods they analyze, to see and check to whom you communicate. Therefor it is not privacy clean, because they're building a profile on which moments you communicate, and what you can't check, but what I suspect, is they combine it with the other actions you perform on your device, such as browsing the internet, or Apps with information. It's a long shot, I know, but a device that's depended on the internet to function, can be abused in every way possible. I do not have experience with Snapchat, but to my knowledge there's no information about abuse.

A list for:

  • Facebook messenger
  • Whatsapp
    • Android
    • iCloud
  • Snapchat
  • Signal

And please be aware of unwanted messages, such as a Bank which will not provide you a login page for you to use.

Want to know more?

Secure email


Secure email


Secure Email Based in Switzerland

It is not applicable to all (yet), but some may find it worth the effort and costs to protect their privacy.

The perfect service for this is: ProtonMail!

They also provide services for Secure VPN. More about this in next article!

Curious to what they have to offer?

VPN - Simple and Advanced



In this article I provide you several options for VPN usage.

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Desktops
  • And two paid, reliable VPN Supliers.


Removing your Online Identity

 online identity

Removing your online identity can be a bit tricky.

How certain are you when verifying these sub-cases?

  • Never want to recevie e-mails? (no online identity?)
  • Don't want to be on Socal Media anymore? (no interaction with friends?)
  • Can afford to loose connections to your contacts? (Google Phone Contacts?)
  • Never to be found on the internet? (going dark?)
  • In short, nothing to do with the Digital era... and will not be returning in it's current state.


If you've made up your mind and decided the answer is Yes, continue with the next steps.

I'm not saying this goes for every account you have. It could also be just one.


How to remove myself from the online world?