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Cyber Security Awareness Training - Introduction


Cyber Security Awareness is a growing need to be in the online world today.

In this category of Online Training you will find a divers offer to get acquinted with the various offers. 

Take your time to master your skills.

They will be of great help, from the moment your start, and in the future.


Good luck with following the training lessons!


Martijn Kamminga

Cyber Security Awareness Training - Wizer

 training wizer

Why Pay for Security Awareness Training

When This One Is Free?
100% Free, Forever!

The Topics We Covered

  • Public WiFi Safety
  • Social Media Security
  • Mobile Security
  • Phishing
  • USB Safety
  • Shadow IT
  • Password Safety
  • Insider Threat

Cyber Security Awareness Training Sophos

 training sophos

Stunning new Phish Threat modules


Phish Threat is backing you with 30 new training modules now, and fresh new ones every month.

Did you know 30% of phishing emails are opened? Your users are the weakest link in your fight against phishing, but you can teach them how to spot – and avoid – phishing emails with this free Sophos anti-phishing toolkit. The toolkit includes:

  • Educational poster for your office
  • Examples of phishing emails
  • Top tips to spot a phish
  • PowerPoint deck for internal training sessions
  • Phishy flowchart to help people identify phishing emails

Cyber Security Awareness Training ESET

 training eset

Free ESET Cybersecurity Awareness Training


Your security is only as strong as your weakest link.

Free, simple & on demand

Free online course teaches employees cybersecurity best practices in under 2 hours. Available on demand, or as a customizable download.


This interactive, gamified training keeps employees focused and makes learning easy, effective and fun.

Includes certification

Document employees' progress with certifications and badges for successful completion.

Cyber Security Awareness - Udemy

 training udemy

  • Gratis trainingen Udemy

    • Mobile Cybersecurity Awareness

    • Cyber Criminals Want Your Information: Stop Them Cold!

    • Security Awareness Campaigns (Lite)

    • Protecting yourself online,Advice from a professional hacker

    • Insights into cybercrime and electronic evidence


Cyber Security Awareness - Cybrary

 training cybrary

Online Training (English) for Cyber Security Awareness at Cybrary



  • Create free or business account


  • End User Security Fundamentals Certification Course | 1 hour
  • End User Security Awareness – 30 Minutes
  • End User Security Awareness | 1 Hour
  • End User: Network Security Certification Course
  • End User: Mobile Device Security Certification Course
  • End User: Social Engineering Certification Course
  • End User Email Certification Course
  • End User: Cyber Fundamentals Certification Course