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Yubico's Yubikey 5 NFC 2-Factor Hardware Authentication HowTo


2FA is a way to protect your account. A hardware key such as Yubikey, adds an additional layer by authenticating only when you connect your key with your Laptop or Android device.

By all means, this is for the high-level targets out there. So when are you?

- When you have great influence

- When you have a great deal of followers

- When you want to prevent bad publishments

- When you are working with financial businesses, such as cryptocurrencies


Currently the device works with the following password managers:

- (complex, but free).


- lastpass (only with a premium or family subscription)

- 1password (recently added)

- Microsoft Accounts (only in Edge Browser)

- Google Accounts (only in Chrome Browser)

- Twitter

and many more services. For a full overview check this link:

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Token2 2FA Authentication Tutorial + Review

The Token2 miniOTP-2 Token is a Token on which you can authenticate via a TOTP code, which is actually a QR scanned image, that generates an unique 6-digit code for 2FA to authenticate to your cloud service, if enabled.


Setting up the Token2 miniOTP-2 Token for 2FA


1 Token Off


What you need to know:


The current card miniOTP-1 / miniOTP-2 supports only One QR Code to Scan, to Authenticate against a Cloud Service. Keep this in mind, it’s not suited for multiple accounts.


Development of feature products

Within a reasonable time, the following product will be delivered to the market

2 Token2 Molto 1


This item, only supports up to 10 QR / TOTP tokens.  So choose wisely.

If you are in need of more then 10 Cloud Accounts whom support QR 2FA, I suggest you take a good look at my article about Yubikey 2FA Hardware Security Key (Dutch). To my knowledge there are not any Security Key’s capable of larger QR / TOTP capacities.

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Devices Lifetime

devices lifetime

Duration of devices

  • Phones
  • Laptops
  • Desktops
  • Other equipment
  • Firmware
    • CPU Vulnerabilities (Meltdown & Spectre)
    • Pacemakers
  • Updates
    • Windows 10
    • Mac OSX
    • App Store (ihpone, ipad)
    • Android
    • Chromebook
    • Linux

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Hardware Security Key

YubiKey 5 tap 247x296

Hardware Security key

A Hardware Security Key is a device that contains codes to authenticate you against services. An method is a OTP / FIDO2 / PIV.

In short, you can login with a long unique code by pressing the button, and another method is that with a Yubikey Authenticator, you can scan QR Codes (from your security settings within your account) to generate 6-Digits codes, which refreshed every 30 seconds, to a service like microsoft, google, apple, lastpass and dropbox.

The Yubikey 5 NFC support FIDO2 which is one of the latest enhancements to support secure logins.

A hardware security key is an additional layer on top of your username/password to verify it's really you (the holder of the security key).

With an NFC Chip on your phone, you can connect the hardware key to your phone, by placing it on the back of your phone, and when Yubikey Authenticator App is opened, it will show you the 6-Digit codes from the sites you've scanned the QR code from, to setup your account.


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