Communication for youth

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1. With whom are you dealing with

2. Online Etiquette

  • what to say
  • what not to say

3. Ignoring the etiquette and the consequences

Please read more, because it might concern you!

With whom are you dealing with?

 Communication of online messages

  • Communicatie with classmates
  • Communicatie with others
  • Communicatie with know persons
  • Communicatie with a supplier (Apple/Microsoft/Google/Computer supplier/PhoneProvider/InternetProvider/Online Service,Energy Service, Rental contract, supermarket etc.)


For each and everyone of these there is a :

Online etiquette


  • What to say
    • Compliments
    • points of improvement
    • Why you think something is good and what's not (strong arguments)
      • Keep it decent
      • Be polite
      • Request, don't force your hand
      • State the facts.
    • Be helpfull or offer your knowledge to someone to help them out.


  • What not to say
    • Saying it is no good
    • That it is not worth it, but if it is, give constructive feedback!
    • No cursing
    • No naming and shaming
    • No threatening
      • Almost everyone has a family, and things can get real ugly by threatening someone. Show your real self and face the facts. Tip: would you say the same if it was face-2-face? Consider that.
    • No Threats
      • Nobody would appreciate this, and you'll get burned sooner or later. This is a no-go
        • No good can come out of this, and you'll probably get caught.
        • You cannot undo the suffering someone went through.
        • Take back on someone, could result in loss of job.


If you are a decent person you:

  • Show yourself and you'll be appreciated by your connections. They will endorse you and you'll contribute to your community / the world.


Ignoring the etiquette and the consequences

When your ignore the online etiquette and when you are rude you'll be:

  • Profiled by people and services (good or bad)
    • You'll be having troubles finding a job (you'll be denied the job for what you've said in the past)
    • People will see you as a burden and will stop connecting with you.
    • You'll propably loos some dear friends (the ones who will help you build a future for yourself)
    • You are alway's the enemy (you'll distance yourself from others, because of your behaviour)
    • Oftern you'll find yourself in a position you know people from the past
      • As a boss or manager of an organisation
      • Direct colleages that don't want you working with them.
    • Thins you've might have said or done, are not in line with the expectations of your new employer, because they don't see you fit the job, because of your past. .
    • A statement of good behavior is no option anymore, for the job you seek.
      • You have hacked an account / website..
        • You get a note on your statement of good behaviour that you did not correctly used otherones properties, preventing you from getting the job.