Chat messaging Privacy


Privacy and history of apps


Taking in consideration you're compliant with the Online Etiquette it's not nescecarry to look at your privacy settings, but be aware they exist, so you can act upon if you feel the need to.

My advice is straightfoward, use Signal as your default Messaging App, even for SMS. In the contrary to Facebook, there are certain methods they analyze, to see and check to whom you communicate. Therefor it is not privacy clean, because they're building a profile on which moments you communicate, and what you can't check, but what I suspect, is they combine it with the other actions you perform on your device, such as browsing the internet, or Apps with information. It's a long shot, I know, but a device that's depended on the internet to function, can be abused in every way possible. I do not have experience with Snapchat, but to my knowledge there's no information about abuse.

A list for:

  • Facebook messenger
  • Whatsapp
    • Android
    • iCloud
  • Snapchat
  • Signal

And please be aware of unwanted messages, such as a Bank which will not provide you a login page for you to use.

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Chat messaging Privacy



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Phishing SMS Messages

Do not click any links in an SMS messages like or other unknown links. 

You could, when for example you've called your provider and they mention to you a link has been sent via SMS.


Three things:

- Did I Initiated it?

- Do I need to make use of it?

- Is the link format acceptable? (no strange domain names)