Secure email


Secure email


Secure Email Based in Switzerland

It is not applicable to all (yet), but some may find it worth the effort and costs to protect their privacy.

The perfect service for this is: ProtonMail!

They also provide services for Secure VPN. More about this in next article!

Curious to what they have to offer?


If and when you're completely satisfied about ProtonMail's Service, please consider a paid account. They work very hard, for those who cannot affort it.

Unfortunately, everything that is being offered, must be paid. In their superb Professional services, they make an apeal on you to buy the product for their efforts.

Consider this: When it's free, you're most likely the product of that service, via commercials, or analytics. In this case, ProtonMail and ProtonVPN will not do this. They sincerely belief Internet should be free for anyone, and espescially to those whom cannot afford it. Choose wisely!

It's just that with a free account, you've got less bandwith and possibilities.


  • Protonmail


      • Data Security and Neutrality
      • Automatic Email Security
      • Protect Your Privacy
      • Free Secure Email
      • Security without the hassle
      • Security with Productivity




  • In case you are in need of another account such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, I refer to this article here.