AVG - GDPR and Privacy


The Dutch law AVG & the EU Law GDPR


What are your basic rights, and what is allowed by law to be requested, when someone has your personal data?

A few tips of your entitlements by law enforment.

To clarify: You have to ACTIVELY agree with something, to process your data. Automaticly, such as tracking cookies are not allowed without Active consent! Furthermore a company can only approach you when you were a client in the past, for let's say a newsletter. But at the time of sending the newsletter, you're obligated to have an unsubscribe button, and cannot send any mail anymore.

References: AVG & GPDR weblinks (need to translate that)


Civil rights are:

  • Right to view personal data
  • Right to change personal data
  • Right to delete personal data

  • Give active permission:
    • It's only justified by means of an active procedure.
      • When you have the option to check the settings, please do so, if not, your agreeing to everything you do not know of. Adjust the settings, and agree.
    • As the AVG Applies to the Netherlands specifically, I was told that a website cannot be blocked anymore, forcing you to agree on the Privacy Policy / Cookie.
      • Not the law, but interpreting it, should let you visit any website, either with or without consent.



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