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Anti-virus - Endpoint Security

endpoint protection

In this article I'll be giving you advice for Antivirus or rather Endpoint Protection (this includes a Firewall) for:

  • Windows
  • OSX
  • Android
  • en Linux

Addtionally I'll provide you links to set this up from your internet provider (dutch, but check yours)

An old but usefull anti-ransomware tool (free)
It would be wise to pay for a professional product where you have it all, from Antivirus to Firewall and Anti-Ransomware included.

Antivirus or Endpoint Protection is a nescecary evil which you must certainly consider wisely to invest in.
Files which get lost, because of virusses or ransomware are very hard to get back unless you have a back-up of your files. Most people don't even know about that.

With this article I'll be providing download links of Avast - Sophos - ESET and for your internetprovider.



  • Windows / OSX (Sophos, gratis en betaald

But: When you are on Windows 10 allready, I can rest assure you that the built-in functionlity of Microsoft Windows Defender does the job nicely.

RAT (Remote Access Trojan) hardly stand a chance with Microsoft Windows Defender. Be sure to check twice when clicking a link. There are still some way's for an attacker to control your pc.



Internet Providers with built-in security (dutch)



For other provider search for "safe online" in combination with your internet provider

Anti ransomware

Windows - Cyberreason ransomfree (has been taken offline, but does the job nicely)

Please consider a payment subscription for optimal protection! Except for Microsoft Windows 10 Defender.