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How to setup an GPG Public and Private Key for Secure Communications


In this tutorials were going to setup a Secure Key to communicate with others.

When you encrypt the message, only the person with your public key can communicate back. And only you can decrypt it with your private key.

To communicate with the other person, you'll need to request his public key, So, he can read the message you have encrypted with his public key allowed for communication.


Search in Firefox with for GPG4WIN

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Read more for the full article.


Click $0 unless you want to pay for it (it’s pretty neat, and support would benefit the software development).

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Install everything by default

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Click File > New Key Pair

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Create a personal OpenPGP key pair

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Enter your name and email

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Click on advanced

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Set the key to RSA 4096

And the date for up to 5 years (pretty safe to do so).

Review your settings (click on Show all Details)

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Enter a passphrase and safe it somewhere safe, such as a password manager You’ll be needing it with every decryption of message received, encrypted with your public key the recipient you’ll send it to.

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Key pair creation

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Click Make a backup of your key pair

(most likely sned public key by email won’t work as many email clients block this)

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Save it as your 14516162364134-Private-Key (you can also store this within a password manager).

001 (14)

Enter your passphrase

001 (15)

For email client ignore and don’t

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Right click on your private key and click Export (this will be the public key)

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Safe it and name it something like suggested: 2511435134611-Public-Key

The content is as follows: and everyone may know this key, but NOT your private key.

Now you’re ready to Decrypt / Encrypt Messages.

To be safe, use a Notepad File you’d like to encrypt. One space or entered more, and the file is unable to Decrypt. So best is to do it File Based Level instead of plain text copied.


Look at the contents of your Public Key and see for yourself, it's encoded with the Remark: Public Key. So you know you can only share your Public Key, thus not your Private Key, Remember!


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