Cryptocurrency - DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH - What's to know

Cryptocurrency - HERE IS IT - Do Your Own Research but act Fast

*I am not a financial adviser & this is not financial advice*

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In my previous article:

I've told you some stuff allready. But let's have an overview of what to know, before investing in cryptocurrency.

That's why: #DYOR (Do Your Own Research)

Cryptocurrency will be the future of payments. Remember that, and seek the channels (later here in this article) to do your own research. Upfront? Ripple's organisation has put up the most far enhanced cryptocurrency technology so far in regards to all other coins. The coin for you should be #XRP


For EU Residents:


Bitcoin Space Reacts to Bakkt’s September Launch Date Reveal

The long-awaited Bakkt platform has finally been given an official launch date. The regulated Bitcoin futures platform will go live on September 23, 2019. This means that Bitcoin is going to hit the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange).


They're Trying To Delay A $10 Ripple/XRP & The Global Financial Crisis Through Corruption & QE

What the content of this video shows, the hearing of the SEC on September 24th. The SEC is a Securities and Exchange Commision protecting investors, and allowing only justified means.

More info:




Let's go back.

The US Government started to look at Cryptocurrency, in particular Ripple, the technology behind XRP
as this video will tell you, CEO Brad Garlinghouse and CTO David Schwartz were visiting Jay Clayton who was nominated to chair the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on January 20, 2017, by President Donald Trump and sworn in on May 4, 2017.


Long term investment in CryptoCurrency





This information is in regards of Bitcoin and Ripple - XRP

Disclaimer: This is NOT Financial Advice!

If you decide to continue, do so at your own risk with your own money.





Is the Main Coin (BTC) is the base of current cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is currently in Stock Market Terms (always capricious) back on the rise.


So how about this market?


Disclaimer: This is NOT Financial Advice!




Are all other cryptocurrencies. These coins are depended on the Rise and Fall of Bitcoins BTC.

You can buy and/or sell Alt-Coins, just as you can buy Bitcoins BTC.

Disclaimer: This is NOT Financial Advice!